Why is Fall a flexible time to move?

Summer is a popular time for the real estate market, but buying and selling in the fall may be the way to go. The following reasons prove Fall is the most flexible time of year to move. 

1.Movers Have More Openings

As 80% of moves take place between April and September, moving companies are close to if not fully booked. Waiting to move in the fall gives you a chance to choose the best moving date that works for you and your family, rather than choosing a date based on the moving company’s availability. 

2.The Weather Will (most likely) Cooperate

Autumn conventionally falls between the scorching summer heat and the winter snow, making your move as comfortable as possible and avoiding the risk of poor weather. 

3.Lower Prices

Because fall is the off season for real estate, pricing is less competitive. During the fall, you’re more apt to receive multiple bids within your budget, and affordable bids equals more freedom. 

4.Home for the Holidays

Moving in the fall allows you to be settled into your new home just before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. This is the perfect time to invite family and friends over to not only celebrate the holidays, but check out your new place. 


Will there be Serious Buyers in the Fall? 

With the holiday season around the corner, buyers are wanting to have their house hunt wrapped up by November, so they can enjoy the holidays without the stress of looking for a new home. As such, buyers will be more motivated to buy in the fall than in the spring and summer. Buyers who have been looking since the spring and summer months will have narrowed down their specifications. When the fall rolls around they will know exactly what they are looking for, allowing them to pull the trigger if the right listing becomes available.  


How Should You Prepare your house for Selling in the Fall?

If you are selling your house in the fall, one of the most important details in order to attract buyers is curb appeal. With the leaves changing colour, fall is one of the best times of year for your home to look its best. To attract buyers, make sure your lawn is freshly cut, trim any shrubs, and add fall floral accents like potted mums. Repaint window coverings, stain the deck, and transform your front door with a fresh coat of paint and new locks and handles. 

To prepare the inside of your house for showings, consider baking a pumpkin or apple pie, allowing your home to smell like the perfect small scent. Bad home odours can scare potential buyers off, so ensuring your home smells good is important. Another important tip for showings i n the fall is to ensure all your lights are turned on. As the number of daylight hours decreases in the fall, it is more likely your home will be shown when it is dark outside. Having all the lights in your home on will make rooms appear larger. With the lights off, your home may look dark, small and uninviting.