The Hopeville Kite Festival took place this past weekend on August 26th & 27th in a farmer’s field outside of Dundalk in the little community of Hopeville. Despite the weather threatening some dark skies and rain, the kites were able to fly against the bright blue sky after all.

The Hopeville Kite Festival soared to new heights of success this year, leaving attendees in awe of the breathtaking spectacle. Dozens of mesmerizing kites, skillfully maneuvered by professionals from distant corners, painted the sky with vibrant hues and intricate designs. On Saturday, the weather provided lots of wind for the stunning colours of the kites to pop against the many gray clouds in the sky, and on Sunday the generous wind persisted as even more people gathered to witness the dazzling displays in the sunshine. As visitors strolled through the festival grounds, their senses were treated to the aromas of delectable delights from a variety of food vendors. The air was filled not only with the colours of kites but also with the enchanting melodies of live music performances, creating an atmosphere of pure joy. The festival’s success was truly epitomized by the diverse crowd that turned out in impressive numbers. Children and adults alike reveled in the opportunity to launch their own kites, creating a mosaic of dancing colors beneath the masterpieces in the sky. Laughter and excitement were contagious as families and friends bonded over the shared experience of kite-flying. In every way, the Hopeville Kite Festival was an undeniable triumph, a celebration of art, music, and community. As the sun set on this unforgettable weekend, it left a trail of happiness in the hearts of all who attended, promising an even brighter and more exhilarating festival in the years to come.


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