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Grey County is the ultimate nature’s playground with over 15 lakes, endless trails, and several waterfalls you’ll never be bored! With lakes ranging in size, location, and abilities you’ll be able to find what best suits your needs.

Looking for a large lake allowing motorized watercraft? Check out, Lake Eugenia. Looking for a quiet and peaceful lake to enjoy a canoe trip? Check out, Bell’s Lake.

Here we’re breaking some of the top lakes Grey County has to offer so you can find what works best for you.

Lake Eugenia

251 Canrobert St, Flesherton, ON N0C 1E0

The artificially made Lake Eugenia was created in 1915. The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario moved the power plant, which was formerly owned by the Georgian Bay Power Company, and flooded approximately 1,200 acres of land which gave the Commission more control over water levels. In the 1950’s Lake Eugenia began to attract cottagers, which resulted in old cabins that were transformed into getaway cottages.

Cottages are located all along the shoreline, and just like any other popular cottage location, they resemble homes with modern amenities.  Because it is the only lake that allows motorized vehicles, Lake Eugenia is a popular destination for boating, swimming, and fishing. There is a Public Beach and Boat Launch accessed via Canrobert Street.  There is a grassy area where kids can play catch or toss a frisbee. There are picnic tables as well as a graded shallow entry for swimming.

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William’s Lake

Woodland Cir, Chatsworth 

Williams Lake is a large 148-acre clover-shaped lake that features a public beach with a boat launch on the south side of the lake. The lake is spring-fed and is aqua in color. It is popular for boating and fishing and anglers can test their skills by catching Large or Small Mouth Bass, Perch, Panfish, or infrequently Brook Trout.

In the area Williams Lake is located in the picturesque town of Chatsworth, Grey County, found 23 kilometers south of Owen Sound. As part of the Niagara Escarpment, Chatsworth boasts an immense amount of innate beauty with many waterways and landscapes including rolling hills, rocks, and forests. Visitors can reconnect with nature by hiking, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, ATVing, swimming, boating, canoeing, hunting, and fishing.

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McCullough Lake

McCullough Lake Dr, Chatsworth 

McCullough Lake is a multi-use lake that has a surface area of (ha) 59 with a maximum depth of (m) 16.9 where anglers can catch fish including Yellow Perch, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed, and Small Mouth Bass (Fish Management Zone 16). Boaters can launch their boat from the boat launch situated on the west side of the lake. McCullough Lake also includes a fish and wildlife sanctuary that you can paddle to.   During the summer months, you will be able to observe swans glide majestically in the waters or dabbing in the shallows for aquatic plants.  During the winter months, deer can be seen gingerly crossing over the frozen lakes.

In The Area

McCullough Lake is located in Grey County which is not too far from the tiny village of Williamsford on Highway 6.  Folks can visit the family-friendly Williamsford Mill to enjoy quality home-cooked meals or explore the area’s largest book store or take the turn onto MotoPark Road for some great off-road action.

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Townsend Lake

Townsend Lake is a small, quiet lake being only 97 acres and 8 feet deep. Many recreational activities can be done in and around the lake. Perch can be caught in the waters while boating on non-motorized vehicles. At the public boat launch on the south side of the lake people can be found swimming and soaking up the sun.

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Irish Lake

Irish Lake is a 20-acre lake located in the Municipality of Grey Highlands South of Markdale. This non-motorized lake has approximately 50 cottages surrounding it. With a maximum depth of 20 feet, there are many types of fish in this lake such as Brook Trout, Rock Bass, Pumpkinseed, and Small Mouth Bass. Irish Lake is also one of the few lakes in Ontario that has been stocked with Rainbow Trout.

In 1881 Father P.J. Cassin, who was the first resident priest in the district, chose to build a retreat on Irish Lake. “The Brick” it’s called locally, still stands today. In 1882 Sir John A. MacDonald then the Prime Minister of Canada attended a parish picnic that was held at Irish Lake. The early farmers in the Irish Lake district were Irish Catholics, which is possibly the origin of the name. There were also many Scotch Catholics that lived in the neighboring Glenelg Township which caused the normal rivalry between the Irish and Scottish.

Today, Irish Lake is a quiet, secluded spot for anyone looking for a place to get away from it all.

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Hines/Connell’s Lake

Hines Lake & Connell’s Lake are two closely spaced bodies of water in the Holland Centre and Berkely area in Grey County, Ontario.

They are located 2 hours northwest of Toronto (167.5 km) and have a combined area of approximately 118 acres.

Hines Lake has the greatest maximum depth between the two, roughly 49 feet.

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Brewster’s Lake

Brewster’s Lake is an inland lake spanning 62 acres with a maximum depth of around 40 feet.

It is located 20 minutes west of Creemore, and nearby to the communities of Feversham, Singhamtpon, and Maxwell.

The most common species of fish that can be found in Brewster’s Lake is Northern Pike.

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Bells Lake

Bell’s Lake is a small lake only 4km long and ranging in width from 15-1000m. Bell’s Lake is owned by the Saugeen Conservation and is located just west of Markdale. This is a great lake for nature enthusiasts to explore. While no motorized watercrafts are allowed on the water it is perfect for canoeing, kayaking and fishing. There is an array of wildlife to be found in and around the lake including, turtles, water snakes, eagles, and loons. You can also find a variety of walking trails accessible from the lake. Being conservation owned there is ample privacy as no cottages surround the lake.

Wilcox Lake

A small non-motorized lake located 10 minutes south of Flesherton, Wilcox Lake is great for relaxing water activities such as fishing for rainbow trout, an afternoon swim, or a serene canoe or kayak trip.

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