The Foundation

The mission of the Centre Grey Health Services Foundation is to raise, manage and disburse funds to support and enrich quality health care for residents of and visitors of our community. The government provides less and less funding for equipment, furniture, and technology in our hospitals. Because of this, we rely heavily on generous donors to provide our hospitals with the equipment and tools needed to do their job. Medical equipment and technology are constantly changing and improving. Keeping our hospital up to date is a costly challenge. Each year the Foundation strives to raise approx. $500,000 to keep our hospitals current. We turn to you to support our mission. It is the generosity of our community that provides the tools to our doctors, nurses, and technicians allowing them to provide superior health care when it is needed most. We cannot do this without your help. The support you give today will provide quality health care close to home for you, and your family for generations to come. Every donation has the potential to save a life.

History of Centre Grey Health Services Foundation

The idea of creating a foundation to support Centre Grey Hospital in Markdale was first raised at a hospital board meeting in 1996. After further discussions and research, a motion was passed to establish the foundation on May 21, 1998. In the early years, the CGHSF focused on fundraising and stewardship. Over time, it took responsibility for some of the fundraising activities originally launched by hospital staff and the Hospital Auxiliary. A close working relationship with both of these groups has been essential to CGHSF’s continuous growth.

​The 2003 decision to launch a campaign to raise funds for the construction of a new Centre Grey Hospital marked a milestone in the history of CGHSF. At the campaign launch in 2003, its $12 million dollar target was ambitious. ​The community rallied around the hospital and the campaign which enabled that target to be exceeded by the summer of 2005. The importance of the hospital, the campaign’s tremendous reach into the community and the positive public relations that resulted helped to give the hospital and CGHSF a much higher profile in the community.

​Although the new hospital has not yet come to fruition, it is still very much alive and we anticipate breaking ground in the near future.

​CGHSF currently employs two part-time staff members and hosts a variety of successful and strongly supported fundraising activities. Details on CGHSF can be found on our website and Facebook.

​CGHSF continues to be run by a board of 9 elected volunteer directors, including a representative from Centre Grey Hospital and the Centre Grey Hospital Auxiliary, with the 10th member being a representative for Grey Bruce Health Services. Elections are held annually and applications to become a member of the board are welcome. In addition, the board operates 7 committees and working groups whose members include board directors and community volunteers.

Facts about Centre Grey Health Services Foundation

– Almost 300,000 tests were performed in the lab last year

– Almost 15,000 patients were seen in the Emergency Department last year

– The mission is “to raise, manage and disburse funds to support and enrich quality health care for members and visitors to the community.”

– All capital expenses such as equipment, furniture, and technology are paid for by the community dollars raised through the Foundation

– The Foundation needs to raise approx. $500,000 each year to keep the hospital current and efficient

– Legacy giving is a highly effective way to reduce Estate taxes

– Centre Grey Health Services Foundation operates through 9 volunteer board directors, 1 GBHS representative and 2 part-time staff. The office is open for 3 days a week

– We welcome volunteers who would like to sit on a committee or lend a hand


We are proud to be supporting this wonderful foundation!

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