Craigleith Heritage Depot: Where History and Tourism IntersectTravelling along Highway 26 is a beautiful drive all-year long. The road has gorgeous views of Georgian Bay and the mountains and with the changing of the seasons, the scenery always looks different. But, if you’re looking to learn more about our area and its history, the Craigleith Heritage Depot — located at the intersection of Highway 26 and Grey Road 19 — should be your first stop.

The Craigleith Heritage Depot was built by 1880 as a railway station, used to bring supplies up to the area. By the 1940s, the trains were used to bring people up from the Toronto area to go skiing at Blue Mountain. In 1967, Kenn and Suyrea Knapman bought the station and converted it into a restaurant and museum. In the late 1980’s, the rails were ripped out and replace with what is now known as the Georgian Trail. The Craigleith Heritage depot has changed hands a couple of times since the Knapman’s bought it in 1967, but it is currently owned by the Town of the Blue Mountains.

Today, the Craigleith Heritage Depot is a library/ museum — which works in partnership with the L.E. Shore Memorial Library in Thornbury — to teach visitors about the history of the area. A quick stop in to see their exhibits can give guests a great look at the area’s past. From learning about the history of how Jozo Weider started Blue Mountain Ski Resort to the history of agriculture in the area, there’s something for locals and tourists alike to learn about.

In addition to the changing historical exhibits and rotating library collection, the depot also runs community events. These range from family-driven events like holiday events to workshops for both young and old patrons. These events change monthly and can be found on the Blue Mountain Public Library website.

So no matter what you need, the Craigleith Heritage Depot is here to help. They’re open six days a week and are able to answer any tourism or history question you might have about the area. For more information about the depot you can check out their website at

Map of The Craigleith Heritage Depot