Life on Georgian Bay

Georgian BayThough it is often taken for granted, many people are extremely fortunate to live in an area that is surrounded by water. The beauty of Georgian Bay is breathtaking as it provides amazing scenery year round. In the warm summer months, the water is full of avid boaters and anglers enjoying the gifts of the calm bay. People are perched along the shore at many of the parks, lookouts, and piers. Picnics of watermelon and sandwiches are laid out on checkered blankets and shared with friends and family. Beach days are remembered by the sunburns and remnants of sand that fill the hearts and shoes of all who experience a day by the beautiful water in this area.

Nothing feels nicer than a breezy walk out to the Meaford break wall or the Thornbury pier when both the temperature and our frustration levels have rapidly increased. There is something about the trips to the ice cream shops and the race between your tongue and the scolding hot sun to see who gets to the ice cream fastest. Days are spent lounging on the warm sands of the beaches, lathering on protective sunscreen and gulping down frosty lemonade. There is no better way to spend the lazy days of the summer than by the beautiful Georgian Bay.

But appreciation for the bay cannot be limited to the summer months when cold water is absolutely vital to outlast the hot rays of the sun. Living along the water in the winter time is definitely not as productive, but just as beautiful. The water provides a picturesque scenery as the ice thickens and the snow gently falls onto the frozen bay. Ice huts are built and dedicated anglers make their way across the bay to patiently spend their days in the cold waiting for a catch.

Georgian BayWinter Enjoyment

Don’t be afraid to bundle up and embark upon a brisk walk by the water. Though the water is held captive by the frozen ice its beauty still shines through the cracks all winter long. These walks make me feel very nostalgic for the summer months spent running through the water to keep cool and picnicking on the shore. Though I am reminded of the summer, I still find great appreciation for the picturesque landscape created by the water all year long.

This area is truly beautiful for many reasons, and its location along Georgian Bay is certainly one of them. It is something that can easily be overlooked, but the water can be enjoyed by all whether you are boating, fishing, swimming or experiencing its beauty from the shore. Never underestimate the breeze of the water providing our towns with a nice, relaxing deep breath.