History of Lake Eugenia

The artificially made Lake Eugenia was created in 1915. The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario moved the power plant, which was formerly owned by the Georgian Bay Power Company, and flooded approximately 1,200 acres of land which gave the Commission more control over water levels. In the 1950’s Lake Eugenia began to attract cottagers, which resulted in old cabins that were transformed into getaway cottages.

Life Around the Lake

Cottages are located all along the shoreline, and just like any other popular cottage location, they resemble homes with modern amenities.  Because it is the only lake that allows motorized vehicles, Lake Eugenia is a popular destination for boating, swimming, and fishing. There is a Public Beach and Boat Launch accessed via Canrobert Street.  Here you can launch your boats for a fee (app. $17/day including car/truck/trailer parking) and you can launch canoes and kayaks for free.  There is a grassy area where kids can play catch or toss a frisbee. There are picnic tables as well as a graded shallow entry for swimming.

Fishing in Lake Eugenia

When most people think of fishing, they think of grabbing their tackle box and a pole and going out for the afternoon. Now, in order fish in Ontario, you need a license.  This license consists of an Outdoors Card, which can be requested by filling out an application form that is mailed to you from the Outdoors Card Center. Your Outdoors Card is good for three years, but you must have a fishing license tag on the back of the plastic outdoors card in order to have a valid fishing license. However, if you are under the age of 18, you do not need a fishing license.

Two of the most popular kinds of fish in Lake Eugenia are trout and bass. The lake is known for its bass, which has been described to be pretty big. According to the town’s people, the lake was stocked with bass many years ago. They say that the key is to find the best holes possible and cast out. The main attraction, however; is the trout. There are two types of trout in Lake Eugenia; Specks, and Rainbows. It has been said that there could be Brown trout in the lake but not many have seen them. It has also been said that there have been 10lb Bows and 7lb Specks caught there.


If fishing is not the sport for you maybe boating is!  Motorized watercraft, manually propelled watercraft, and speedboats are all welcome, though; speedboats have to stay 30 meters from the shoreline.  Why not enjoy a long paddle in your canoe or kayak or possibly partake in some windsurfing!

Map of Lake Eugenia