Lake Characteristics

McCullough Lake is a multi-use lake that has a surface area of (ha) 59 with a maximum depth of (m) 16.9 where anglers can catch fish including Yellow Perch, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed, and Small Mouth Bass (Fish Management Zone 16). Boaters can launch their boat from the boat launch situated on the west side of the lake. McCullough Lake also includes a fish and wildlife sanctuary that you can paddle to.   During the summer months, you will be able to observe swans glide majestically in the waters or dabbing in the shallows for aquatic plants.  During the winter months, deer can be seen gingerly crossing over the frozen lakes.

In The Area

McCullough Lake is located in Grey County which is not too far from the tiny village of Williamsford on Highway 6.  Folks can visit the family-friendly Williamsford Mill to enjoy quality home-cooked meals or explore the area’s largest book store or take the turn onto MotoPark Road for some great off-road action.

Motopark is one of the world’s premier motocross training facilities and has both a national and international following. The Park has more than 12,000 visitors annually. Motopark is open April through October for Off-Road Motorcycles and ATVs. In addition to recreational and practice riding, Motopark hosts a number of summer training camps and races.


McCullough Lake is named after an Irish man by the name of John McCullough.  Apparently, John and his brother William came to Sullivan about 1822 and then returned to Ireland.  They came back to Sullivan in 1827 and eventually took two lots on Concession 4 which were partly on a lake.  John cleared his title to the land and gave his name to the lake.  The land had several tenants from about 1914 until the land was purchased by Roy Girdler who was responsible for most of the cottage development.

Interesting Facts

Interestingly, Roy Girdler owned a Model T-Speedway close by the lake that ran from 1970 to 1972.  Racing was on Sunday afternoons with Diamond 6 Cylinder, V8 Modified.  The track was 5/8 dirt oval. There’s little to see today.  The track surface is gone.  Being a dirt track it was easy to plow it back into a working crop field.  As of 2007, all that remains is part of the spectator track fence and the grasslands, which were built on a hill.  The track is located on Sideroad 7, across the road from McCullough Lake.  It’s located only about a 2 minute’s drive from Jackpot Speedway. Jackpot Speedway ran from about 1970 (maybe earlier) to 1974.  Like, Model T Speedway, there’s very little remaining. Both tracks rest on private property.

FOCA (Federation of Cottagers’ Associations) is available for cottages to join as members. The association’s mission is to protect thriving and sustainable waterfronts across Ontario. 


Map of McCullough Lake

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