Morland PlaceIn Owen Sound you will find a good blend of both urban and natural attractions.  Whether your interest is museums, art galleries, and studios, live theater, or just shopping, you will find it in the city. The rural area provides a variety of scenic attractions including waterfalls, parks, campgrounds, and gardens.  One of these beautiful spots the whole family can enjoy is Morland Place on Grey County Rd 18. Here you can enjoy 15 acres of European style gardens, a large hedge maze, interesting buildings and a variety of stonework as you wander at your own pace through the property.

Morland PlaceHistory

In 1920 the south part of the home was built as a small country cottage style home by the McCallum family. The addition represents a Regency Georgian villa seen in the 1860s and ’70s. Barry More the most recent owner spent over 40 years designing and working on the gardens, as well as making additions to the buildings. He did most of the work himself and was inspired by books and magazines because he has never left North America. The various gardens are designed in French, Italian, perennial and contemplation styles. Morland PlaceMost of the gardens include benches, concrete curbs, birdbaths, or figurines which he cast himself from molds. The family also donated 20 acres to the Grey Roots Museum so they could erect a heritage village that they call Moreston. It is a wonderful spot to spend some time enjoying the beauty this amazing man has created. The gardens are open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm from May through October.  It would be worth several trips a year to see the different varieties in bloom.

Map of Morland Place