Embark on a delectable journey through Grey County’s scenic landscapes as we unveil our top 9 personal favourite stops along the Apple Pie Trail. This self-guided trail is a tantalizing adventure, offering a taste of the region’s finest culinary treasures, from mouthwatering pies to artisanal beverages, all set against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty. Join us as we share the rich experiences waiting to be discovered on this delectable trail.

1) Blackbird Pie Co. – Trail Stop #11

Our very own Sales Representative Russ never stops raving about how good the pies are from the Blackbird Pie Company in Heathcote. Therefore they obviously had to be number one on our list! Some of the best apple pie (or any pie) around! But it doesn’t stop there, not only do they make delicious apple pies they also have other great apple-flavoured desserts in the fall including wonderful apple muffins. Learn More

 2) Good Family Farms – Trail Stop #24

Good Family Farms is our beloved local gem, where they wholeheartedly embrace the values of organic, wholesome food and eco-friendly farming. We love the enchanting farm tours for an exclusive peek into their 1000-acre wonderland. Meet their friendly animals, and don’t forget to visit their farm store for delicious organic meats and fresh veggies. Sip coffee on the cozy patio, bite into crisp apples, and order online anytime. It’s our little piece of paradise! Learn More

3) Thornbury Bakery Cafe – Trail Stop #13

For more than 80 years, Thornbury Bakery has been such a valued local gem. This family-owned treasure is renowned for its delectable Chelsea loaf, mouthwatering sticky buns, and handmade, artisanal bread. Dive into their diverse breakfast and lunch offerings, and don’t miss out on their award-winning gluten-free and keto delights. Learn More

4) The Cheese Gallery – Trail Stop #14

The Cheese Gallery is our cherished haven, a cheese shop like no other. Here, you’ll discover global cheeses and the creative wonders of local artists – from artisanal treats to artworks. Indulge in gourmet fare, local chef’s prepared meals, fresh-baked goods, and homegrown produce. Located on Thornbury’s main street, step in for the tantalizing aroma of grilled cheese, an array of gourmet delights, and a welcoming atmosphere. Roam the store for unique gifts and irresistible treats – the hardest part is choosing where to start! Don’t miss the apple-smoked cheddar or apple eclair for a delightful twist. Learn More

5) Georgian Hills Vineyards – Trail Stop #6

Georgian Hills uses delicious local apples in their Ardiel Dry Cider and Georgian Hills Dry Cider. They also even use Georgian Bay pears in their Georgian Hills “Perry” which is a Pear Cider! Their vineyard is absolutely stunning too, so when you stop in to taste test, stay a while and enjoy the views and lovely atmosphere! Learn More

6) Firehall Pizza Co. – Trail Stop #1

Firehall Pizza Co. is our beloved Italian gem since 2003. It’s where we gather for mouthwatering pizza, drinks, and the village’s heart. Modeled after a Northern Ontario Firehall, it’s a creative haven with apple-inspired cocktails on the patio. Perfect trail-side stop for family dining or post-hike solitude. Learn More

7) Coffin Ridge – Trail Stop #26

Coffin Ridge is the perfect stop on the apple pie trail during the fall: their ciders are part of the quintessential autumn experience for us! With their spooky atmosphere and legends that go along with their vineyard, it is the perfect Halloween beverage, plus their apple and pear ciders are delicious. A win-win! Learn More

8) Farmer’s Pantry – Trail Stop #9

The Farmer’s Pantry is not your typical apple orchard or roadside stand. Not only can you go apple picking in their bountiful orchards, but you can also bring the kids and enjoy a petting zoo, mini golf, a rope maze and more! Owner Mary Lynn says that they are in the business of educating children on farming more than anything else. So stop by this fall, and get some delicious apples, and spend the day on the farm learning and having fun! Learn More

9) Bruce Wine Bar – Trail Stop #15

The Bruce Wine Bar is famous in the area and beyond for their incredible dishes, especially their Neapolitan wood-fired pizza. Being on the apple pie trail they always have something on the menu featuring some local apples including salads with apples, different apple desserts, cheese boards, and more. Their menu circulates in different seasons too so there is always something new to enjoy. Worth a visit, no doubt about it! Learn More

Map of the Apple Pie Trail

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