Beaver Valley, Ontario

1) Blackbird Pie Co

One of our Sales Representatives Russ never stops raving about how good the pies are from the Blackbird Pie Company in Heathcote. They therefore obviously had to be number one on our list! Some of the best apple pie (or any pie) around! But it doesn’t stop there, not only do they do delicious apple pies they have other great apple flavoured desserts in the fall including wonderful apple muffins. Learn More

Top 10 Stops on the Apple Pie Trail

 2) Beaver Valley Cidery

Top 10 Stops on the Apple Pie TrailJust up down the road on Grey Road 13 you’ll find Beaver Valley Cidery. Their award-winning ciders feature apples grown in their very own orchards in their backyard or from local Georgian Bay orchards. You can’t get bottles of these ciders anywhere else, so take the scenic drive through the Beaver Valley to visit them. They do everything onsite from growing the apples to processing them into cider which is really cool. A couple of our favourites are their cranberry apple cider and their bumbleberry apple cider which features not only local apples but also rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and grapes. Learn More

3) Grandma Lambe’s

Grandma Lambe’s is easily one of my top 10 favourite stops on the apple pie trail because I feel as welcomed there as I do at my own grandma’s. All of their apple desserts are made with apples from their own orchards in behind the country storefront; you cannot get more homemade than that! Their apple pie is absolutely delicious. Grandma Grace Lambe can be found at the store 7 days a week so be sure to say hi to her when you stop in!

Top 10 Stops on the Apple Pie Trail


4) Georgian Hills Vineyards

Georgian Hills uses delicious local apples in their Ardiel Dry Cider and Georgian Hills Dry Cider. They also even use Georgian Bay pears in their Georgian Hills “Perry” which is a Pear Cider! Their vineyard is absolutely stunning too, so when you stop in to taste test, stay a while and enjoy the views and lovely atmosphere! Learn More

Top 10 Stops on the Apple Pie Trail

5) Ravenna Country Market

Top 10 Stops on the Apple Pie TrailRavenna Country Market is one of those stores that just comes to mind when I think of fall. This re-invented general store has that quaint country feel that seems to go hand in hand with autumn. Nothing is better than sitting on their patio and taking in the picturesque views of the fall colours on the rolling hills that lead right out to Georgian Bay. Couple that great atmosphere with their scrumptious apple pies and other great desserts and you’ve got the recipe for a top 10 spot on the apple pie trail! Learn More

6) Coffin Ridge

Coffin Ridge is the perfect stop on the apple pie trail during the fall: they’re ciders just scream Halloween! With their spooky atmosphere and legends that go along with their vineyard, it is the perfect Halloween beverage, plus their apple and pear ciders are delicious. A win-win! Learn More

Top 10 Stops on the Apple Pie Trail

7) Farmer’s Pantry

The Farmer’s Pantry is not your typical apple orchard or roadside stand. Not only can you go apple picking in their bountiful orchards, but you can also bring the kids and enjoy a petting zoo, mini golf, a rope maze and more! Owner Mary Lynn says that they are in the business of children’s education of farming more than anything else. So stop by this fall and get some delicious apples and spend the day on the farm learning and having fun! Learn More

8) Bruce Wine Bar

Top 10 Stops on the Apple Pie TrailThe Bruce Wine Bar is famous in the area and beyond for their incredible dishes, especially their Neapolitan wood-fired pizza. Being on the apple pie trail they always have something on the menu featuring some local apples including salads with apples, different apple desserts, their cheese boards and more. Their menu circulates in different seasons too so there is always something new to enjoy. Worth a visit, no doubt about it! Learn More



Top 10 Stops on the Apple Pie Trail

9) Thornbury Cidery

Thornbury Cidery and Brewery seems to have managed to bottle the essence of Thornbury into their ciders. All of their ciders are delicious and all use local Georgian Bay Apples. Although all of their ciders are great, my favourite for the fall is their Spiced Apple Cider: it tastes like apple pie in a glass! My other favourite part about Thornbury Cider is their can: each of the little graphics all talks about Thornbury, the apple process, the cider making process, the farmer’s, and the history of Thornbury Cider. Definitely secures there spot in our top 10 stops on the Apple Pie Trail! Learn MoreTop 10 Stops on the Apple Pie Trail


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