There are lots of things to do in our area, but wanted to highlight Meaford! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 things to do in Meaford!

1. See a Show at the Meaford Hall

There is always something going on at the Meaford Hall Arts and Cultural Centre. Go see a fantastic play, concert or movie. Be sure to keep your eye out for MIFF, the Meaford International Film Festival in late August/ early September.

2. Visit Beautiful Joe Park

Visit the resting place of the beloved hero in Margaret Marshall Saunders’ novel Beautiful Joe. The park contains a monument for working dogs, as well as a memorial to police K-9 units for their efforts during September 11th. This park makes for a lovely walk with some education and appreciation wrapped in.

3. Visit the Local Restaurants

Meaford is home to some fantastic restaurants whether you’re looking for fine dining or a place for the whole family. The Leeky Canoe is, of course, a Meaford staple that is always great to visit. There is definitely lots to choose from for any outing!

4. Take a lovely stroll along the Meaford Breakwall

Enjoy a breathtaking view from the breakwall lookout point that captures the true beauty of Georgian Bay. Breathe in the fresh breeze and snap some pictures of the boats out on the lake during your walk and this stop is sure to be beyond charming.

5. See the Christ Church Anglican Memorial Windows

If you’re a lover of art one of the most beautiful attractions in Meaford is the magnificent memorial windows at the Christ Church Anglican. These windows are comprised of amazing glass shards that Reverend Harold Appleyard collected from shattered windows in Europe during World War II. This is a different stop than your typical art gallery, but is stunning nonetheless!

6. Get Out on the Tom Thomson Trail

Hike or bike on the Tom Thomson Trail between Owen Sound and Meaford to visit the burial place of acclaimed Canadian painter Tom Thomson at the Leith Church.

7. Go to Local Events and Festivals

No matter the time of year there is always a local event going on in Meaford. Whether you’re visiting the local farmers’ market in the spring and summer or strolling the streets during the famous Scarecrow Invasion in the fall, there is always tons to see!

8. Hike the Trout Hollow Trail

Embark on a relaxing hike on the Trout Hollow Trail where naturalist John Muir gained inspiration or visit the Epping Lookout on Grey Road 7 commemorates his conservation efforts. Afterward, visit the Meaford Museum to witness his letters to the Trout Family in the late Nineteenth Century.

9. Take a break at Meaford Memorial Park

In the summertime, you can go for a hike, swim in the bay or lounge on the beach. There are ample camping and picnic facilities, as well as a Kin Hall and Snack Shack to make your day away even better!

10. Hike the Georgian Trail

Get active and embrace nature! Go on a bike ride or a leisurely walk/snowshoe along the Georgian Trail that extends from Collingwood to Meaford. If you are looking for an even longer trek, then follow the Bruce Trail along the Niagara Escarpment from Queenston to Tobermory.

Map of Meaford