The Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club is situated at the top of the Beaver Valley in Grey Highlands, with a little under 9 km of trails groomed and track-set for classic skiing. The club is primarily volunteer-run, it has partnerships with local businesses, local landowners, and government agencies.

The Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club is striving to attract new members and improve the overall skiing experience by speaking with the 60 members they have asked for their needs and wants to further benefit the club. In the future, with the right resources and a strong membership, the club could have up to 25 to 30km of trails in total across the escarpment and along the Beaver River flats. Eventually, they wish to connect their trails to the Village of Kimberley. There is 7 Members on the Board of Directors, and each of them shares the same passion for cross country skiing, they want to share this unique beauty and the amazing potential of the area to everyone of all ages and abilities. They recognize that the Beaver Valley is a very strong and engaged community. Cathy Little, the president of the board shared her opinion of the Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club ”I have been on the trails 100’s of times in all seasons, and it never seems to get old.” Cathy also shared with us that she has become very passionate about the club because it has given her the opportunity to meet individuals she would not have crossed paths with otherwise if they didn’t have the club set up.