clarksburg farmers market

I always enjoy a relaxing stroll through the lively farmers market in Clarksburg. As I walked around to all the stalls adding fresh produce to my bag I began to think of all the reasons why farmers markets are such a positive addition to a town. I came up with a few reasons why you should visit your local framers market, and add to the positive buzz in the air!


They don’t call it a “community farmers market” for nothing! Exploring your local farmers market is a great way to interact with your neighbours; it’s like a great big community BBQ!


The chain suppliers may have air conditioning, but they don’t give you the opportunity to talk to the farmer, and ask them about their food. Farmers markets give you the opportunity to talk to, and look in the eye the person who is growing or making the things that you eat.


What’s not great about this? It reduces the carbon footprint of your food, supports the local economy, and can be just minutes from the farm to your table.


Forget about the antioxidants and phytonutrients…local food, right out of the ground just plain tastes better.Environmental
Although I already covered the carbon footprint part…did you ever consider the packaging on your food? Farmers markets have minimal packaging (if any) on the fruits and veggies and a bonus no pesky stickers to peel off!


Every piece of food you get is distinctive, you never know what shape, size, or colour it may be, everything is a surprise.


Your local farmers know more about the foods they grow than anyone else. If you have a question, it is likely that they will be able to answer it for you. They may also have some handy tips for growing your own produce, or garden. Who knows you may even discover a whole new kind of food!

Kid Friendly

Most framers markets are held in a large open area such as a park, giving the kids lots of space to do their own thing. If your children are old enough they may be able to mill about on their own, or if they are younger, they can help you choose out the produce. Some farmers markets even have designated kids areas!


What better way to be inspired to eat more fruits and veggies than to wash the dirt off them yourself? Your farmers may also be able to introduce you to new ways to prepare your favourite veggies, or have a few new recipes for you to try. And if you are able to walk or bike to the market, that’s a bonus too!


Many farmers markets have live music to listen to as you mill about. They usually change up the artist frequently which not only gives a spotlight to local talent, but also can introduce you to a new kind of music. Anyone is able to come and enjoy the fun, its free entertainment! Farmers markets are definitely the place to be! With all the fresh air, sunshine, and good food around, who can help being happy? We would love to hear your input. Tell us all the reasons why you love your local farmers market!

Check out pictures from the Clarksburg farmer’s market too!