Are you looking for a way to enrich your winter experience in Grey County? Look no further than cross country skiing at the Glenelg Nordic Ski Club (GNSC) located about 10 minutes southwest from Markdale, Ontario.  Trails are situated in the Klondike County Forest and some adjacent private landowners’ properties. There are about 25km in total, including both rolling hills and flatter sections with a great mix of classic cross country skiing over groomed and track-set trails.

The Club is a fully volunteer-run, non-profit organization, founded in 1992 by a group of local skiers who recognized that the terrain was favourable and this area traditionally receives plenty of snow. The Club’s vision is to provide cross country skiers of all ages and abilities a great and affordable ski experience today and for the foreseeable future.

Annual membership in GNSC averages about 150 people, with adult memberships costing $50 per season and members’ children 18 years and younger skiing for free.  For those wanting to ski by the day, fees for adults are $10 a day – again with children 18 and under free when accompanied by an adult.
Some social events are held for members each year.  During the ski season, a special “Moonlight Ski” is held on an evening close to a full moon.  Participants describe the event as “magical” with groups of skiers enjoying a selected trail skiing by the light of the moon and some trail marking lanterns.  It’s followed by a casual potluck supper that is always popular.

In summer, we hold a member bike rally- usually a 25 – 30 km. ride on country roads followed by a potluck supper – again, a great event that provides a good way to meet fellow members.Often described as a “hidden gem,” GNSC is waiting to welcome you to this unique and picturesque part of Grey County.

The Glenelg Nordic Ski Club is a unique aspect to Grey County with trails tailored to taste and stunning scenery. We hope this persuades you to explore more of Grey County.  Maybe you have been considering moving to the area?  We, at Sea & Ski Realty,  would love to answer any questions or help you find a property near your favourite ski club, such as Glenelg Nordic. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us with questions.

Glenelg Nordic Ski Club Location & Contact

Website: http://www.glenelgnordicskiclub.org/?page_id=1143
Phone toll free: 1-800-861-7289
Email: cjmay2011@gmail.com

Photos of Glenelg Nordic Ski Club


Map of Glenelg Nordic Ski Club