Keady Market is a unique market is located in the hamlet of Keady which lies half in the Municipality of Chatsworth and half in the Township of Georgian Bluffs just east of the village of Tara and southwest of Owen Sound. Keady is a small community of a few hundred people and boasts a community center, a small engine repair shop, metal fabrication, and the area’s largest livestock auction market.

The livestock auction market is open every Tuesday, year-round and the farmer’s market is held every Tuesday outdoors in three seasons, rain or shine, and is a wonderful opportunity to shop for a wide variety of objects. The three livestock auctions of many kinds of animals, including cows, ducks, chickens, goats, and pigs start at 9 am is just one of the novel items you will find here. It is also the reason the market is held on Tuesday instead of the weekend as this is the day the farmers of Keady conduct their business. There is also a flea market section that is about the size of a large fairground as well as all the stalls of farm products. In all, there are about 250 vendors selling a wide variety of items including meats, home baking, homemade crafts, Mennonite Products, fresh fruit and vegetables, and yard sale items. Keady Market runs every Tuesday from 7 am. to 2 pm, however, it is suggested to come in the morning as a lot of the vendors have packed up and left by around 1.  Also, coming early in the morning will ensure good parking spots.