Marcelina Salazar CeramicsFinding products that are locally made and can be used in everyday life can be a challenge. For Marcelina Salazar, this was her inspiration for her pottery. Marcelina has been creating beautiful porcelain pieces out of her local rural studio for years now and her pieces are very popular with locals and visitors alike. Marcelina grew up in Columbia and moved to Canada in 1999 to study science at Trent University.  During her time at Trent, she discovered her passion for pottery and once completing her degree, decided to get some formal education in ceramics. She received her certificate in ceramics from the Haliburton School of the Arts in 2007 and continued to study ceramics at Sheridan College in Oakville. Marcelina created a studio on her farm when she moved there eight years ago and has been creating her pottery there ever since.

Marcelina uses porcelain for all of her products. Porcelain when wet or “green” is very brittle and the colour is a   similar grey to wet cement. Before she glazes her pottery, Marcelina bisques them to make it stronger. She uses a traditional glaze on the inside of her bowls and mugs. For the outside surfaces of her pottery, Marcelina relies on the soda glaze she uses to have a chemical reaction with the fire in the kiln. Although this means that there’s not an even application of colouring to her pottery, it allows the simplicity and beauty of the porcelain to shine through.

The kiln Marcelina uses was built in 2011 by Marcelina and some of her friends.  The traditional bourry-box kiln took over 18,000 lbs of bricks to be built. It has to get over 1000°F in order to ensure that the porcelain is being baked properly. Marceline specializes in making products that can be used in people’s everyday lives. She makes mugs, bowls, jewelry, lighting fixtures and many other items that are perfect to add to your home or give to a loved one as a gift.  Not only are her items available at her studio in Chatsworth but you can also find her products at 6 stores across Ontario and possibly at other local events. So if you’re looking for a unique gift or for something to spruce up your home, check out Marcelina Salazar Functional Ceramics. Marcelina’s studio is open year round by chance or by appointment and is located at 623262 Negro Creek Rd just outside of Chatsworth. For more information about Marcelina and her pottery, check out

Map of Marcelina Salazar Ceramics