6 Bruce St North Thornbury, Ontario


If you are looking for a place to treat your sweet tooth while satisfying the entire family, there is one hut that is the place to be: Pom Pom Treat Hut. Just up from the Thornbury pier you will find this hut bustling with families waiting to get a taste of their scrumptious creations. With scooped and soft serve ice cream, sundaes, and countless other treats, Pom Pom is fun for the young and the young and heart. Owners Rheanna and Andrea are a blast and their fantastic staff will be sure you always have a great time when you visit.

The property has sold ice cream for many years, it used to be sold out of the restaurant that is on the same property. However, when the hut along with another ice cream parlor around the corner closed their doors, there was something lacking from Thornbury. Andrea and Rheanna met around this same time, the hut was sadly sitting empty, and as they put it ‘the stars aligned’ and they decided to open Pom Pom. In fact, the operation came together only within a matter of months!

Both Rheanna and Andrea have a background in the food and restaurant business. Rheanna trained as a chef and has worked in food in recipe development and magazine writing. Andrea has been in the food business for ‘as long as she can remember’ and she also owns a restaurant in Collingwood. Joining their team are their families along with their incredible staff that all add in to make a great experience. “We’re so lucky to have Lily, and Joanna, and Liam and Emma they’re all amazing,” Andrea says, “we’ve had so many comments from people saying that they’re so lovely”. Andrea and Rheanna also add that their regulars are a really important part of their team too: “it’s the two of us and our community that helps make it go”.

Andrea and Rheanna tell me that they couldn’t have imagined a better location for their treat hut: it has become the hangout spot of the summer. “People go from here to the pier to here to the pier. Some children (we won’t mention any names) have ice cream 2-3 times a day” Andrea says. It is this type of experience that the owners are most passionate about. “Something that brings me great joy in Pom Pom is how it’s brought the community together in the space,” Rheanna tells me, “we’ve got a great outdoor space and there’s a number of people who have said that Pom Pom is their Friday night so that to me is really lovely.” Andrea does mention however that there is something else that they are extremely passionate about: the sundae flavours! The two tell me that choosing flavours is definitely one of the most fun parts of running the business.

And choose flavours they did! Andrea and Rheanna tell me that something they have strived for since the very beginning of Pom Pom is having something for everyone. Some people may think that because they have dietary restrictions that they may miss out on a stop for ice cream, but Pom Pom has made it available for everyone. They have gluten free options, dairy-free options, vegan ice cream, nut free options, treats with less sugar you name it! They of course also have options with tons of sugar, dairy, and gluten too. Moreover, they have tons of different kinds of frozen treats, not just ice cream. They have smoothies, fun drinks, Meredith’s Ginger Elixir, wheelie pops (homemade popsicles), and so much more.”It’s important to us that whoever comes here they can get something, indulge themselves a little bit, totally enjoy the experience and nobody is left out”.

As you can probably tell, Pom Pom is not your typical ice cream parlour, but aside from their large variety of treats their outside space makes the treat hut quite unique. They have a Ping-Pong table, wishing well, hula hoops on hand, tons of green space great for a picnic and they are of course just around the corner from the pier.  Andrea and Rheanna tell me that they love having the business in Thornbury: “Thornbury is our home so having a business in the same town that you live in is amazing’ . . . ‘working a shift in the window, you see everybody that you know come and that’s really lovely and then just being able to be so close is awesome too”. They also add that they love being part of school events and other local events. “Thornbury is a really active community with events and Olde Fashioned Christmas and we’ve had so much fun doing little side projects”.

So this summer, spend the day in Thornbury and stop in at Pom Pom the “really unique place to serve all of your frozen treat and thirst quenching needs” as Rheanna described it. “Treats down by the bay, where the watermelons don’t really grow but you can bring your own or we might have the flavour,” Andrea adds with a laugh. You can probably tell that these two ladies are tons of fun just like their treat hut. So take a trip down by the bay and visit Pom Pom for a delicious treat to cool off, trust me you will have a blast!


Photos of Pom Pom Treat Hut

Map of Pom Pom Treat Hut