The Corner Cafe & Grill is in the heart of the Blue Mountains in downtown Thornbury and it has already become a huge hit. Whether you are looking for a fantastic stop for lunch, dinner or cocktails into the evening, the corner has quickly become a staple in Thornbury. Co-owner Adam Politeski tells me that the Corner Cafe & Grill is striving towards providing a place for families and friends to meet and eat great homemade food with excellent service. “When you walk in here you’re not walking into some strange building with strange people, we’re going to make you feel as at home as possible”.

The Corner Cafe & GrillHistory

Adam has been working in the restaurant business for the past fifteen years and has truly built on his passion for food and the service industry. After moving to the area from Vancouver, he started within the industry at Shooter’s Choice in Collingwood. Since then he has worked in a variety of different restaurants including Toronto Ski Club and C & A Steak Company. He then started to run his own establishments around five or six years ago first with the Thornbury area’s concession stand. After running the concession stand, Adam managed Piper’s Sports Bar & Grill in Thornbury, and then built the Sushi Box. He has now been able to combine all of these experiences to open the Corner Cafe & Grill with his business partner Randall Litchfield on the corner in Thornbury.

The Corner Cafe & GrillNew Life

The corner is of course famously attributed to “Wong’s Restaurant” a Chinese food restaurant established close to fifty years ago. Now Adam and Randall are bringing new life into the building after the previous owners decided to retire. Since Randall purchased the building it has gone through some extensive renovations. The building now has new plumbing, heating, wiring, ventilation, duct work, walls have been moved, and even brickwork has been relayed. After these renovations the Corner Cafe & Grill was on its way to its grand opening! Jacob Hemeon then joined the team as head chef and Ben Hughes as the manager. “Jacob is one of the best chefs around’…’ and is such a sweet guy,” Adam tells me, “and I’m convinced Ben has a photographic memory. You can come in and have two Caesars and a fish and chips and a year later he will remember your name and what you had and what you drank. He’s one of the best guys in the front of the house I’ve ever worked with”.  An honourable mention also goes out to the entire Litchfield family and Adam’s wife Ingrid for all that they have done throughout the opening process, as well as the rest of the restaurants  close to twenty employees. With a team filled with as much love and passion for the restaurant as this, I can see nothing but a bright future for the Corner!

The Corner Cafe & GrillNow that the corner has had its grand opening it is well on its way to being the go to restaurant for families in Thornbury. With a menu filled with great homemade foods all for under $20 it makes for the perfect night out in the Blue Mountains. They are open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, and into the evening with fantastic pub style foods like burgers, chicken wings, fresh cut fries, and fish and chips. Adam says that he has been told by their supplier that they “use more fish than any restaurant in Collingwood, Meaford or Owen Sound”. (Trust me, I have had the fish and chips and they are more than worth a trip!) There are also a variety of soups and salads, and even a tribute dish to the buildings history a “Wong ton” soup. Adam  tells me “anytime the old owners Henry or Jerry and their wives come in I [Adam] am always trying to make sure we’re doing it right and keeping the legacy going”. There is also a community room available for hosting all sorts of parties and functions, and soon there will be 3 apartments upstairs that will be available for short-term rentals (more info to come soon!).

The Corner Cafe & GrillMoving Forward

Adam tells me that his main goal moving forward is to get everything working as efficiently and perfectly as possible. He truly believes that the key to having a successful restaurant business is in the people involved in running it. “If we can make an experience where  we don’t even know each other and you walk in off the street to have lunch and you leave feeling like those people really cared then that’s what we really aim for,” Adam says, ” bottom line is make it special for people going out. Good homemade food nice and hot and great service out front. I [Adam] tell all my staff: imagine this is you going out, so be as friendly as possible. Tell them who you are, tell them where you’re from, tell them your aspirations in life. We’re all people, and we’re here to meet people.


Visit their website: www.cornercafegrill.ca Checkout our video above to find out more!

Map of The Corner Cafe & Grill