The town of Clarksburg is a place filled with wealth. From the diverse mix of art galleries and studios to the vibrant town gardens, it is a rich and buzzing place to bee. One of the highlights of Clarksburg is their shop filled with liquid gold. It is a modestly sized building, set back from the main road, and surrounded with lush gardens. This infamous Honey House serves as the provider of local, fresh and unpasteurized honey for businesses and homes in the local area. As part of the apple harvest tour the Honey House had a self-directed learning centre set up to explain the honey making process, and exhibit some of the equipment used to house the bees in.

The Honey HouseThis interactive shop also does all of their processing on site, allowing customers to view the equipment through a Plexiglas window near the back of the store. The majority of the products for sale are made locally, and a steady stream of “beaver valley gold” can always be found in the glass jars that line the walls. In addition to honey, shoppers can purchase beeswax candles, cookbooks, and comb honey as well as a variety of other products such as maple syrup and handmade soaps. Although they are currently finishing up their honey production for the year, people are still welcome to bring their own containers to fill with honey, or to take home one of the pre-made jars for their enjoyment over the winter time. The honey house is a golden opportunity to support the local economy and enjoy one of nature’s sweetest gifts. Stop in now to get the all-natural fix for your sweet tooth!

Map of The Honey House