Meaford is home to many well-known food chains and restaurants, but it’s also home to places like The Kitchen, a relaxed and cozy place where you can buy fresh, homemade meals made by Megan Robertson and her employees. The Kitchen offers a variety of different light lunches and entrees that are made in-house using fresh and local products. The storefront also prepares many frozen meals that are available to be taken home. On top of everything, Megan also offers a full-service catering business that can be brought on-site or to your own home as well!

About the Owner

Over the years Megan has some work in the legal field and in the real estate business, as well as working at The Kitchen for fifteen years. It was not until June of 2017 that she and her husband bought The Kitchen from the original owner, Christine Collins. Megan decided to pursue the café after working alongside Christine because of their common passion for food and people, and the caring customer base that Christine had created. Megan says she “loves being able to meet new people and see the regulars every day.” The customer base is what really makes Megan feel confident in what she does at The Kitchen. She really enjoys each customer that comes in and enjoys the bonds she forms with the regular customers and new customers. She loves being able to show up and have so many supportive customers that reinforce her passion for customer care.


It is because of the enthusiasm that customers show that Megan always wants to improve the offered services of The Kitchen. One of her goals for the future includes expanding and improving the catering side of the business. She says she would like to expand the menus so that she can satisfy more customers and cater more to their taste. She would also like to expand the menu for the frozen products that are sold at the store front. By expanding her menus, she also plans to incorporate more options that appeal to dietary changes, such as gluten free and vegetarian options. Another goal of hers is to expand the restaurant so that people are able to come in and have a more intimate, in-house dinner. Since she is passionate about customer care, a sit-down dinner experience is definitely something to look forward to in the future!


The Kitchen is a great place to find fresh and homemade meals made by people who care about customer service and quality food. Their bright café brings an upbeat and joyful energy that makes for a great customer experience. Whether you are looking for a light lunch or an easy frozen meal, you can come down and enjoy a quality meal at the Kitchen!

Location & Contact

86 N Sykes Street
Meaford, ON N4L 1N8

Email: thekitchen86@gmail.com
Phone: 519-538-1208
Website: https://www.thekitchenmeaford.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thekitchen86/