There are a number of beautiful and remarkable waterfalls you can visit in our area. Located on Grey Road 13 is one that is visited regularly. Eugenia Falls, which is found in the village of Eugenia, can be reached from Flesherton by taking the Highway 4 turnoff. It is marked on most road maps. With a variety of things to do, see, and photograph it is an ideal location for an afternoon outing, day trip with the family, or hiking adventure with friends. When you get to the town of Eugenia turn northwest on Pellisier St. and follow the signs.  Even if you have seen Eugenia Falls during summer, it is well worth it to view them in the winter since they appear completely different. Come admire the beauty of the ice covered waterfalls.

Discovered in 1852

They were discovered by a Mr. Brownlee in 1852 and were the site of a brief gold rush until they learned it was only fools gold.  Surveyors named it after Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon III. There are a picnic area and shelter available for use. There are a number of trails you can follow through the gorge and one that leads to Hogg’s Falls, but some of them are difficult and dangerous so are considered for experienced hikers only.  The one that most people can follow is large and well groomed. 

Near the start of this trail is an old monument honoring the soldiers of World War 1, and if you follow it for about 20 minutes to will take you downstream to river level where the official trail ends. If you are looking for somewhere to spend an enjoyable afternoon hiking, bird watching, and enjoying nature’s wonders, Eugenia Falls should be your destination.


Photos of Eugenia Falls