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On the FAM tour, presented by Grey County Tourism, we had the opportunity to hike a section of the Bruce trail with the new local adventure company “At Last Adventures” that runs adventure tours and a kids camp throughout our area in Lion’s Head, Owen Sound, Hepworth, and Metcalfe. Their kids camp is a mobile camp, which means they do pickups and drop-offs which are at the Bayshore in Owen Sound. In the camp, they do lots of different outdoor activities from climbing and caving, to hiking and mountain biking. They also have a variety of tours with activities including rock climbing, rappelling and ascending, caving, adventure running, and more. They also organize tours for corporate groups, school groups, therapeutic adventures, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. We had a blast with Nick from At Last on our hike of the Bruce Trail and we’re sure that their outdoor adventure tours are absolutely thrilling. The Bruce Trail is definitely one of the greatest hiking trails that go through our area. By heading out to the trail, you can get in some exercise and discover more about our beautiful area. Just outside of Owen Sound, you can access a portion of the trail that has some impressive caves that can be seen with a quick hike from the road. Located on the 10th Concession, just 2 km south of Van Dolder’s, the land was donated to the Bruce Trail by Red and Mim Cady in 2004.

Hiking the Bruce TrailAdventure Tours

The land is over 45 acres and the trail on the property is fairly easy, with a few slight hills and inclines. There are very interesting rock formations on this property, which are very similar to Met Calfe Rock and others along the Niagara Escarpment.  After hiking from the entrance of the trail for 10 minutes, you’ll come across a series of crevices. These crevices were formed during the Ice Age. The rocks would move with the glacier action and as water would seep into the rocks, it would freeze and cause them to split apart. As well, sediment would build up, creating cave systems. One of the most interesting parts of this area is that some of the trees that have been found along the escarpment have been dated back thousands of years. These trees are often very small because of the lack of minerals found in the rocks. This portion of the trail is perfect for all ages and it’s located just minutes outside of Owen Sound. If you want to check out some cool crevices in a short amount of time, this is the place to go.

More Information

To find out more about At Last Adventures check out their website here: www.atlastadventures.com Check out our video to see more of our hike on the Bruce Trail.

Map of Bruce Trail (Owen Sound)