Over the past few decades, the Beaver Valley and surrounding areas have witnessed a change in the driving forces behind its economy. For well over the past 100 years, farming and industry has driven the economy and provided employment to thousands of families across the entire region.

Today, we experience a Tourism and Recreation driven economy that is quickly turning our region into the number one four-season playground in Ontario. While tourism is a steady source of cash flow to the region it requires a more temporary style lodging. The recreation component truly provides the anchor behind the new economy and requires a more permanent style accommodation property.

Sea & Ski recognized this transition back in the 1980’s and has since created a successful Real Estate company by providing a wide range of services catering to both the tourist and the recreational consumer.

In 1999, Sea & Ski had the vision to relocate its offices from Meaford to Kimberley in order to capture the burgeoning Real Estate market in the Beaver Valley. Today, Sea & Ski is one of the top producing real estate companies in the Beaver Valley and is in the process of expanding its sales force to meet the increasing demands of consumers searching for their retirement or recreation get-a-way.