If you own a property on Lake Eugenia you will be
required to obtain a Waterfront License from Ontario
Power Generation (OPG). Lake Eugenia is the operating
reservoir for Eugenia Generating Station, and OPG owns

the bed and the shoreline around the entire lake. The OPG Waterfront License provides residential owners legal permission to cross and passively use OPG lands. There is no cost for the license and it is valid for 5 years. Once the license expires, OPG will send you a letter requesting you to reapply. The license is non-transferable so, if you sell your property or there is a change on title, the license will terminate and the purchasers must contact OPG to obtain a license application package.

If you would like to make any improvements to the shoreline, build a new dock (floating or removable pipe docks), and/or install marine docking equipment, the work will require permits and approvals from both OPG and Grey Sauble Conservation Authority. Permanent structures are prohibited on OPG waterfront. Any improvements currently located on OPG waterfront must be listed in the license agreement as personal to the
licensee. If the property is sold and the new purchaser declines license, and/or ownership of improvements, the former licensee will be requested to remove them from the land and to restore the land to a condition satisfactory to OPG.

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Prior to commencing any installation or replacement of a dock, or performing any alteration to the shoreline of Lake Eugenia, please contact:

OPG Waterfront Licensing Program
Tel. 1-877-838-2020 (toll-free)
E-mail: realestate@opg.com

Website: https://www.opg.com/building-strong-and-safe-communities/our-communities/southwestern-ontario/

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