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The experienced team you need to make sure your property is priced properly and looks it’s best so that it sells as quick as possible and for the most amount of money. Our team approach means everything gets done accurately, quickly, and efficiently. We keep you updated and we’re always just a message or phone call away if you have any questions.

  • All Agents And Staff Work As A Dynamic & Efficient Team Of Professionals
  • 50+ Years Combined Experience
  • Each Team Member Has Specialized Skills
  • Websites & Marketing Done In-Office

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Service ~ Technology ~ Experience ~ Marketing ~ Knowledge

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Exclusive Marketing Program

The Sea & Ski Team marketing program helps to ensure that you experience the least amount of inconvenience and risk as possible. Virtual Tours, Live/Virtual Open Houses, HD Video and a full array of photos help buyers know if the property is right for them without having to see the property in person.

Professional Photography & Video

  • 30-50+ HD photos
  • HD Video Trailer

3D Showcase

  • Virtual First Showing for Buyers
  • Navigate through 3D Model of Home

Drone Technology

  • Stunning Aerial Photos
  • Captivating Aerial Video

High Quality Printed Marketing

  • Full Colour Feature Sheets & Brochures
  • Magazine Ads

Virtual Live Open Houses

  • Buyers can participate in a live open house from any device
  • Agent can guide tour based on questions from buyers

The Sea & Ski Website

Listings are beautifully displayed and provide potential buyers all of the information they need

Expansive Social Media Reach

With over 250,000 views on our social media channels per month, your property is sure to be in front of the right people at the right time.

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Selling the Lifestyle

At Sea & Ski Realty we believe that Selling the Lifestyle of this unique area is just as important as selling properties the that lie within it.  Each property we list links to the local community it falls within giving the Buyer a chance to not only learn about the property but also all the great community features nearby! 

Info pages for each of our local communities include information about:

  • Local Amenities
  • Local Properties For Sale
  • Real Estate Stats For That Community
  • Demographics
  • Natural Gems like Waterfalls, Lakes & Lookouts
  • Incredible Activities In Our Area
  • Great Local Businesses
  • Arts & Culture

Helpful Information and Tips for Sellers

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