Markdale Hospital East Wing

What’s great about your home? Is it the spacious foyer and generous main floor closet space? Is it the beautiful washroom? Is it the playground that is only a short walking distance away?

Although some properties may look similar at first glance, every home is unique – with features and characteristics that make it special. If you’re considering putting your home on the market, make a list of all the great things about your property that potential buyers will want to know.
Start by thinking about the most desirable features of your home. Here is a list of the most desirable things that people look for in a home:

  • Walk-in Closets
  • Energy Efficient
  • Master Bathroom (Bonus: En-suite)
  • Attached Garage (Bonus: Two+ Car)
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Laundry Room
  • One or More Fireplaces
  • Updated, Space Saving, Open Concept Kitchen
    • Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances
    • Kitchen Island
Great Things List - Kitchen
Write down what you really love about the house and the surrounding area such as these desirable facts:

  • Pride in Ownership – do your neighbours take pride in where they live, giving the overall town or neighbourhood a nice curb appeal?
  • Low Crime Rate
  • Proximity to School
  • Is your street lined with big, old trees? This gives the neighbourhood an old, established feel while also providing privacy and protection from large amounts of sun during those long hot summers.
  • Walkability
  • Nearby shopping or entertainment
  • Nearby attractions like a ski hill, lake, or walking trail!

Great Things List - Walking Trail
Next, think about what comments friends and other visitors to your home have made. Have you ever heard anyone say something like, “I really love your living area!” or, “This is such a quiet street”? Those are indications that potential buyers will like those features and characteristics too.
Great Things List - Neighbourhood

Once you have your list, let’s talk. Together, we’ll review all the great things about your home and area, and decide how to market them effectively.