Location, Location, Location!

There’s a famous saying in the real estate business: “Location, location, location”. It simply means that where your home is located – your neighbourhood – is just as important to potential buyers as the features of the property itself.

A common mistake we see repeatedly in the real estate industry is when there is a long list of home features given while ignoring all of the valuable neighbourhood features. Agents will tout the spacious kitchen, and the newly renovated bathrooms, but say little about the area. At Sea & Ski Realty, we know how important a neighbourhood and its features can be to potential buyers, and this is why we firmly believe in selling the lifestyle AND the property.

Neighbourhood features that are great to emphasize include things like:

– Locations of schools, libraries and daycare centres
– Unique local shops and amenities such as grocery stores, banks, hardware
– Proximity to major commuting routes
– Theatres, restaurants, vineyards, and breweries
– Rinks, gyms and other recreation amenities like golf, skiing and parks
– Hospitals and other health care facilities
– Green space, walking trails, waterfalls and bodies of water like lakes and rivers

Often when buyers have their eyes on two properties which are comparable in features, the neighbourhood can be the deciding factor.

So, when you’re ready to sell your home, make sure you pick an agent or team that knows your neighbourhood and understands all of its great features and don’t be afraid to make sure they know about your favourite local amenities, after all, they are likely part of the reason you chose the house when you bought it and the next buyer may fall in love with it for the exact same reasons!